doin laundry




heck yeah bro, its a music video!! song can still be downloaded from the music page.

genuinely not sure what my next project will be. might take longer than anything released so far this summer, or i might do two more smaller projects before school starts. we will see what happens.



new song is going to be dropping on saturday evening.





hey whats up. here is the new song: horizons.


its the horizons cover baby!!!!

yeah its a funk song baby. uhhhh that's pretty much it. see you again in 2-3 weeks (by the power of god i swear there will be something again)




i made anew song, it called stuck!!!

here is the single cover:




Wow he's back baby!!!!!

Bam! Look at this new site! Look at how sexy it is. Look at it on your cellular telephone. Woah! Would you look at that, it has mobile formatting. Oh my god, that's so crazy!

Anyways, now that we got that squared away. It's time to discuss the content pipeline. I have been having trouble having the courage to record vocals on my original music. This will not do. To take away some of the fear of recording vocals, and just to in general practice singing, production, and general musical skills, I am going to be releasing a cover every three weeks for the foreseeable future. This week's cover is of "You Need a Hero" by Pages.

So yeah, keep an eye out for more covers, followed eventually by some original songs that I'm really, really excited to share.


P.S. I got a cat. Say hi to Doobie.

We're going off the books!



For those that didn't know, this website used to be hosted through a service called GitHub Pages. Pages is a fully free static website host that is controllable through GitHub. While this was great for what was needed at the time, my needs for this website have since expanded to require more than just plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm talkin about PHP BABY!!!

So? What is the current state of things?

Well, I'll tell you. Thanks to the switch, now I can use special server-side-scripting to add new features. While these features won't be visible on the outside, on my side this will make adding content to this site MUCH MUCH easier.

Why make this post?

I'll tell you why. It's so you know that I am doing things. Things are happening, just wait a bit for them to come to fruition.

In conclusion:

Be on the lookout for more content!! Music will come soon, perhaps with a music video???? Wait and find out!!!

Archive is Up!


Well, well, well.

I’ve finally done it. The archive is finally finished! Feast your eyes upon the collection of almost all works that have been made by me since roughly mid-2018.

Take a visit to the videos section, which has most of the video content that I have produced in a well-watchable format.

If music is more your style, head on down to the music section, which has the most extensive original music library that I am able to offer.

And if you enjoy looking at random stuff that has little to no real-world value, then look no further than the fragments section, a place with a mish mash of some random picture that might just manage to get a laugh or two out of you.

No matter what you’re looking for, I hope you enjoy your time on the WILLWITHERSPOON.NET Archive!

P.S. more music coming soon…

March Update



So, it's pretty obvious that I did not release the archive or the video. It turns out that being an engineering student is actually more time consuming than I thought so I haven't really been able to put time aside to film or code the archive, even though the archive is roughly 50% complete.

With that being said, I am going to be putting all video projects on hold until after this semester is over, and I will set the archive as one of the main goals to complete by the end of my semester (roughly the beginning of May). It seems that I am not that good at time estimates, but we will try to stick by this more realistic one.

Now, while coding and filming is very time consuming, Music is not. So, I am going to be throwing all of my spare creative juices at creating real, bonified, songs. I have about 2 instrumentals in the backlog, and I'm about to start a third. Eventually, either before or after the archive is done, I am going to record the vocals for each of the songs and spit them out rapidfire as they're finally finished. These are definetly at a much higher production value than any other track I have ever released, so that's pretty exciting.

Anyways, videos on hold, archive and music coming soon.


February Update


As I stated before, I am still working on my video project. I currently have the script fully written, However there are some delays in filming due to weather so I am putting the project on hold until I can film. I am really happy with the script and the concept, and I really hope you guys enjoy the video as well. I have huge ambitions with this project so I hope that my eyes aren't bigger than my stomach...

So, for the time being, I am going to work on improving the website and developing the archive. I'm not sure if the archive will be finished before I can film, but I will definetly be able to do some bug fixes and general improvement in the meantime. Like with the video project, I have some pretty high ambitions that might require me learning a whole new programming language, so once again, I hope that my eyes aren't bigger than my stomach...

But yeah! That's the plan! Expect a new blog post once the Archive is done or once filming is done. I think I want to have some sort of progress bar that shows how far I am into a video somewhere on here, but that's opening a whole other can of worms. We'll see what happens. Bye!

Website is up!


During finals last semester, I told myself that by the end of christmas break I would make a video essay on an interesting part of Youtube History. Through finals, a large chunk of my spare time was spent doing research and writing this video. But when Christmas break actually started, All of my ambition to make the project had suddenly disappeared. Instead, I was suddenly filled with the unquenching thirst to actually finish the website that I had bought a domain for in October, in hopes of creating a hub for all of the art that I want to create.

Needless to say, I have finally finished creating the framework for what I hope will become a well-used crypt for my creations. I am quite proud of my work but it's definitely not perfect. For one, I am not trained in HTML at all and I bet if a trained web developer saw my code, he would probably recognize it for the shoddy spaghetti code it is. But, for now, this will work for me. Brace yourselves for when I actually learn Javascript and PHP doe…

Even though I think the code is at a point where I feel comfortable actually publishing it, I still have some more features that need to be added. For one, I haven’t even started on developing the archive, nor do I even know how it’s going to work. I don’t know if I can host large files from where I’m hosting this site, and I don’t know if it’s even worth it to do that when I can just upload my stuff on youtube/soundcloud… But, I will get to that eventually (after I finish work on my next project).

Anyways, to summarize this first post: Website up! Yay! Still missing features. :/ New video project coming soon. Probably going to have something to do with the highway…


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